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Schunk конфигуратор за челюсти на универсали

Schunk конфигуратор за челюсти на универсали

Three-dimensional configuration

SCHUNK 3D Online Configurator for a three-dimensional configuration of different Pick & Place handling constructions for the assembly automation.


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  • Advantages – Your benefits:

•  Fast and accurate configuration of Pick & Place handling constructions for assembly applications

for a major time saving during the planning and design Phase

•  Combinational logic is integrated in the configurator

no separate data model SCHUNK Kombibox necessary anymore

•  Electrical and pneumatic modules are contained in the configurator

to realize a wide range of applications and to be highly flexible on customer requirements

•  All configurations are available in all common 2D- and 3D variants

for simple and fast integration into existing CAD systems. The download of a 3D PDF document facilitates the display of the configuration also without CAD system

•  Fast and error-free configuration

due to integrated combination logistics. Access via the SCHUNK PartCommunity on the basis of the proven CADENAS technology. Available all over the world free of charge

•  Accessories

like the sensor system or required adapter plates are automatically integrated into the design. Convenient preview function with live adjustment of changes. Automatic parts list creation of all required products incl. all standard parts. Saving and download function of the created configuration as a finished component

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