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Dopag 1K системи COREDIS

Dopag 1K системи COREDIS

Honeycomb potting system

A unique solution for the mass production of aircraft interior.

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Coredis is used for the processing of special low density 1K epoxies filled with micro hollow spheres. The unique challenge in this case is that we are dealing with a reactive medium which remains in the material contacting systems after processing and could be subjected to a curing reaction. In order to prevent this, coredis features a specially developed structure. The material is supplied directly from the delivery container and the metering is carried out by means of a gear pump mounted on a heated follower plate. The material is guided through the connected heater hose to the dispending nozzle which continuously fills the core filler into the honeycombs.

In case of production interruptions, all material contacting parts including the container can be dismounted in a few minutes and stored in a cold storage. Thus, no cleaning is required. If the production is restarted, the application can be resumed due to the heated components. This unique structure allows for the first time the continuous as well as precise metering of 1K core fillers and has the advantage that, after a simple expansion of the system, various materials can be processed on the same system.


  • DOPAG systems in action

In cooperation with coredis, DOPAG has developed a product for the processing of paste-like core fillers. This metering system is the result of intense cooperations with aircraft manufacturers, their suppliers as well as material producers. As the market leader in metering and mixing technology in the aerospace industry, DOPAG succeeded in developing a metering system that ensures the highest degree of reproducible quality and employee safety. For the first time, the integration into automation solutions allows for a fully automated mass production of honeycomb sandwich panels for aircraft interior equipment.


  • Properties and benefits

•  Up to 30% lower material consumption compared to manual processing

•  Very low hazard potential, since the employees are not subjected to vapors and have no material contact

•  Specially adapted pump construction for maintaining the low material density

•  Infinitely variable metering from 50ml/min to 300ml/min (depending on the outlet nozzle and dimensions of the honeycomb)

•  Application-specific outlet nozzles available

•  Frame with boom for hose attachment to provide a better component accessibility

•  Heated metering unit

•  Touch display to ensure an easy operation of the system

•  Very easy and quick dismounting of material contacting parts which may be stored in the cold storage

•  Very low cleaning effort due to deep-freeze storage

•  Various materials can be processed by simply expanding the system

•  Highly precise application due to automation


  • Technical specifications
Material discharge from 1 ml/min, depending on viscosity
Operating pressure up to 200 bar, depending on material and discharge rate
Material supply Material pressure tanks 4, 12, 24, 45, 60 or 90 L, larger available on request and/or barrel pumps
Viscosity range 50 to 80,000 mPa s, with material pressure tank max. 150,000 mPa s, with barrel pumps*
Material properties Unfilled, filled, abrasive
Operating voltage 400/230 VAC 3/N/PE / 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply 6 bar max.
Dimensions, W x H x D modular structure, so no specific machine dimensions
Weight modular structure, so no specific machine weight
  * higher available on request, depending on rheological properties of material

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