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Schunk директно фиксиращи системи

Schunk директно фиксиращи системи

Solutions for a Collision-free Operation

С помощта на модулни затягащи колони, детайлите могат да бъдат повдигнати от масата на машината и фиксирани в определена ситуация на затягане.

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Collision-free clamping without a large interfering contour is becoming increasingly standard, even for small batches and individual parts. Due to the two modular systems VERO-S WDP-5X (pneumatically actuated) and WDM-5X (manually actuated) workpieces of all types can be directly clamped in seconds without an interfering contour.

With the aid of modular clamping pillars, the workpieces can be lifted off the machine table and secured in a defined clamping situation. Due to the extremely large range of clamping pins, the clamping pillars can be adapted to suit all customer requirements.


  • Our performance promise. Your benefits:

•  Clamping of freely molded parts

•  Clamping without interfering contour

•  Pull-down forces of up to 25 kN

•  Manual or pneumatic actuation

•  Versatile in use

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