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Eaton Easy Battery+

Eaton Easy Battery+

UPS Replacement Battery

High-speed efficient replacement of Plug & Play UPS batteries (up to 3 VA)

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  • With Battery+ kit you are sure that:

• The battery is fully compliant with the quality standard of a world class UPS manufacturer
• The battery is compatible with the performance of your UPS


  • The Battery+ kit allows you to save money:

• By simply replacing the batteries and give a second life to your UPS
• By managing your operational expenditures, buy your Battery+ kit now and use it in 3 months


  • Reliability:

• The battery is the main component of the UPS which needs to be replaced during the life time of the product
• The use conditions of the battery can drastically reduce if the UPS runs above 30°C
• Extend UPS life or prevent a battery failure by replacing the battery tray after 4 years


  • Flexibility:

• Eaton has designed the UPS to replace the battery tray
• The replacement is safe and easy by removing the front panel
• The battery replacement is an hot swappable solution and does not need to switch off the load and UPS


  • Safety:

• Every battery pack includes the safety notice to make sure that the battery installation is safe


  • Kit selector:

• Select your product before ordering the Easy Battery+


  • How to order and receive the battery pack?:

• Order the Easy Battery+ through your usual reseller
• Afterwards, a blister is sent with a unique contract number
• Record the contract number to the address below:
• The battery tray is sent to YOUR postal address within a week


  • How to install your battery pack?:

• Installation made simple following video tutorials

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