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Eaton EX UPS

Eaton EX UPS

Network and Server

Eaton EX UPS 700-1500 VA. Double-conversion (on-line).

The Eaton EX UPS, part of the Pulsar Series, offers high availability, flexibility and minimum total cost of ownership for Servers, data storage, network equipment, telephony - VOIP, medical equipment and industrial processes. Delivering on-line double conversion protection in Tower or versatile Rack/Tower format.


  • Maximum availability:

• Topology: double-conversion on-line UPS with automatic by-pass and power factor correction.

• Power share: the Eaton EX output sockets are individually controlled to provide load-shedding to maximize the backup time and provide remote reboot and sequential start-up as standard.

• Continuous power supply: Hot-swappable batteries. The HotSwap MBP (Maintenance By-Pass) module allows the UPS to be replaced without interrupting the power supply.

• Long backup times: 1 to 4 EXB battery units can be added to the Eaton EX. 


  • Minimum total cost of ownership:

• Easy operation: the LCD gives you access to a wide range of measurements and set-up menus.
• Remote supervision: the Eaton Intelligent Power Software offers a wide range of communication option including: SNMP and HTML, ModBus/JBus and relay outputs.


  • Total flexibility:

• Compatible with high power factor loads: Eaton EX is rated for 0.9 power factor (700 VA/630 W, 1000 VA/900 W, 1500 VA/1350 W.

• Communication: the EX includes both serial and USB ports, plus remote On/Off connector and an extra slot for optional communication cards. The UPS comes with a complete Eaton Intelligent. Power Software.


  • Приложения:

• Servers, data storage and network equipment
• Telephony - VoIP
• Medical equipment - Industrial processes

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