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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Control Engineering

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Control Engineering

Software engineering techniques for your PLC and PAC applications for greater quality and productivity

EcoStruxure Control Engineering is a set of unique software tools to help manage the lifecycle and increase the quality of your PLC and PAC programs by Schneider Electric.

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  • The EcoStruxure Control Engineering range is made up of 4 different software tools:

• EcoStruxure Control Engineering - Verification

• Static analysis tool to verify conformity with a chosen set of programming rules and to help increase program quality.


  • EcoStruxure Control Engineering - Converter

Automatic conversion and re-engineering tool for PLC and PAC programs, commonly used for modernization and migration projects.


  • EcoStruxure Control Engineering - Documentation

Reverse-engineering tool that retrieves information from a source code and presents it in the simple form of control and data flows, and cross-references. For maintenance, impact analysis and change management.


  • EcoStruxure Control Engineering - Monitoring

A real-time, system level diagnostics support for troubleshooting of PLC or PAC based control systems.


  • Features:

• Supports a number of different brands and models of PLCs and PACs

• Supports the five IEC 61131-3 languages

• Cloud or server based applications

• No software to install, accessible via a web browser and user login

• Different license types available to suit different use cases


  • Ползи:

The EcoStruxure Control Engineering tools can adapt to your project requirements:

• Configurable tools to meet your specific use case needs.

• One set of tools to manage even your mixed installed bases (multi-PLC).

• Collaborative tools providing relevant information to the different stakeholders of your project.

• Built-in knowledge of many legacy systems as well as the major modern systems.


  • The EcoStruxure Control Engineering tools will enable you to:

• Formalise your program lifecycle processes for greater quality and maintainability.

• Free up the time of your project engineers by automating tedious tasks, and thus reduce the time and costs related to these tasks.

• Enable stakeholders to make more informed decisions based on comprehensive results.

• Minimise risk related to obsolescence and loss of intellectual property.

• Support compliance processes by using the results of automated, third-party tools as supporting evidence (as recommended by some standards).

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