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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor

Optimize your manufacturing performance in real time

Achieve new levels of operational excellence: EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor is a manufacturing intelligence software system collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting operational performance.

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EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor enables profiling and measurement of micro, persistent, sometimes hidden losses in your manufacturing environment; thus, directly supporting specific production KPIs and priorities.

EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor allows you to make business sense out of your plant operating data and identify and deliver performance improvements in OEE in real time. This software is part of a range of comprehensive asset performance solutions.


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  • Real-time software tool for process improvement:

• Measuring and analyzing performance, availability, and quality (OEE, root cause analysis assistance)


  • Lean manufacturing tool:

• A software tool for performance management created by and for users (operators, production managers, maintenance, personnel)
• Real-time KPI for machines and production lines
• Simple and intuitive graphic interface

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