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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Power Design - Ecodial

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Power Design - Ecodial

Electrical supply design and calculation software

The software to calculate and size your electrical installation.

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  • Design electrical distribution networks, optimize performance and specify components
    EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial is a user-friendly software that helps you optimize equipment and costs while managing operating specifications, all along with the design of your power distribution projects. It is part of Schneider Electric’s Customer Lifecycle Software suite, and therefore connected to EcoStruxure Power platform.


  • Ползи:
  • More efficient power design

• Easily draw your single-line diagram and define properties such as load power, polarity, earthing system arrangement, cable length, and operating conditions.


  • More reliable power design

• Check the consistency of choices between calculated switchgear and recommended equipment. Then, verify electrical network consistency for improved people safety. All anomalies will be reported on a single-line diagram


  • Optimized power availability

• Choose the optimal selectivity plan to ensure maximum uptime, and a superior cascading plan for optimized uptime/cost. Define back-up generator mode in case of power shutdown, or secure critical loads through UPS in the event of unexpected power failure

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