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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Turn resource data into action. Using a single, cloud-based platform, Resource Advisor allows you to analyze sustainability metrics, energy supply data and facility information, in one place

Aggregate all cross-enterprise, energy and sustainability information in a single, cloud-based platform. Transform your data into actionable insights that will lead to real business operations.

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  • Your single source for energy and sustainability data

• EcoStruxure Resource Advisor is a solution to manage your energy and sustainability footprint. 
• This platform enables companies to collect, analyze and automate information that matters for your sustainability goals. 
• Resource Advisor centralizes those data in one place so that AI and human expertise can take advantage of those numbers. 
• Leverage digital innovation for energy and resource management to inform business decisions and accelerate results.


  • Integrate AI-generated data into your sustainable strategy

• AI allows companies to get more value out of the data they produce and provide more accurate analysis for their energy and sustainability strategy
• Optimize the use of your corporate resources and accelerate your company's participation in the global energy transition 
• This energy management software implements, collects, and aggregates your data to ensure its accuracy so you can trust your data and make decisions with confidence


  • Resource Advisor, a single enterprise-level platform to manage your energy and sustainability.EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, a solution from Schneider Electric, is a secure, cloud-based software platform that allows you to see, measure, and manage energy and sustainability initiatives across your entire enterprise.


  • This can be a major undertaking, but more than any other software, Resource Advisor makes it easier. It helps your data work for you:

• Resource insight
Analyze data from more than 400 streams across your enterprise and capture resource data on supply, demand, and sustainability in a centralized location to create a single, accurate, and verified data repository.

• Actionable reporting
Identify key facts clearly, concisely, and with confidence to achieve your goals and objectives. Use Resource Advisor to add a real dimension to your raw data that empowers decision making and inspires action on plans and projects.

• User community
Engage business stakeholders. Resource Advisor helps you to enhance collaboration on resource and efficiency initiatives across your portfolio.

• System interoperability    
Add a solution to complement, not replace, your existing infrastructure. Resource Advisor integrates seamlessly into your existing systems.

• Solution scalability
Prepare for the future of your business. Resource Advisor is not only completely configurable to your organisation’s needs today, it is designed to evolve with your critical energy and sustainability challenges tomorrow, wherever they are – in any country, region, or around the globe.

• Access security
Log in to your account with confidence anytime and anywhere. Resource Advisor enables easy access to projects, reports, summaries, and more, without compromising security protocols.

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