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Murrplastik EMC входове за кабели

Murrplastik EMC входове за кабели

A good EMC concept gains increasing importance

Murrplastik earthing and cable shielding products are designed to meet the demands for low bleeder resistance at high frequencies.

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  • Cable entry system KDL xx/xx-EMVCable entry system, type KDL xx/xx-EMV 10

The KDL/EMV cable entry system is based on the cable entry system KDL. A conductive surface allows cable sheath interference to be discharged onto the control cabinet simply and without additional aids. Field-bound interference is discharged by the metallisation. The KDL 16 /xx-EMV types fit on cut-outs for 16-pin connectors, the KDL 24 /xx-EMV types fit on cut-outs for 24-pin connectors, from Harting or Wieland.


  • KDP EMV Module cable entry plateType KDP EMV Module cable entry plate 10

The Murrplastik KDP 24 EMV module is designed to dissipate line and field induced interference. The KDP 24 EMV modules are used in conjunction with the cable entry plates type KDP/xx 24. In order to ensure optimum performance, the EMC module is assembled in combination with the KDP/N 24 cable entry plate. While the EMC module makes direct contact with the enclosure wall on the inside of the enclosure, the KDP/xx 24 cable entry plate provides mechanical protection against dust and liquids from the environment.

 The special advantages of the KDP 24 EMV modules are:

 Cable-friendly 360° shield contacting

 Large contact area with short distance

 Stainless steel construction


  •  EMC cable fixing plate KAF/KType KAF/K cable fixing plate 10

The KAF/K-EMV cable fixing plate consists of a plastic carrier with a fitted V2A stainless steel discharge plate. Integrated clamps ensure quick and safe fastening, both on the top hat- or C-rail. The ground contact occurs through the lateral brackets. The use of two connecting points ensures a good discharge.

 Approved for railway technology (EN 45545-2)


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  •  EMC discharge plateDischarge plate, type KDL-AB 0

The discharge plate KDL-AB is made of stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A). In connection with the KDL, KDL/C and KDL/D cable entry system it is suited for discharging interferences which may occur on the cable sheaths. The discharge plate should be installed on the inside of the control cabinet, directly to the fixing points of the cable entry system. The special advantages of the KDL-AB discharge plate are:

 Easy assembly

 Compact design

 RoHS compliant


  •  EMC strain reliefType ZL xx-AB strain relief 0

In conjunction with the ZL strain relief rail, the ZL-AB discharge plate is suitable for discharging interferences which may occur on cable sheaths.

ZL strain relief not included in delivery. Please order separately.


  •  Shielding clamp SKType SK shielding clamp 0

The shielding clamp may be used where the shield of individual cables must be connected with earth potential. The SK can be either screwed down on the mounting plate or snapped on to the 35 mm top-hat rail (EN 50022) by means of a mounting foot.

SK mounting foot not included in delivery. Please order separately.


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