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FlexiBowl 800 C/CC

FlexiBowl 800 C/CC

Ideal for 60-250 components

Flexible feeding system for all parts measuring between 20 and 250 mm and weighing up to 250 g

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FlexiBowl 800C/CC can feed products of any geometry, surface and material. It is compatible with all industrial robots and vision systems. One FlexiBowl can feed entire ranges of parts measuring 20 to 250 mm and weighing up to 250 g, replacing the need for the numerous units used in conventional systems.


  • Характеристики:

•  Recommended bulk feeder 20/40 L
•  Backlight Area 1125 cm2
•  Backlight Area (Dim.) 404 x 325 mm
•  Footprint 941 mm
•  Pick Height 270 mm
•  Recommended part size 60< x <250 mm
•  Recommended part weight <250 g
•  Max Payload 7 kg


  • Предимства

•  High performance 
•  Compatible with 99.9% of parts 
•  Maximum load 7 kg 
•  Essential design, robust construction 
•  Cleanroom option (ISO 5) 
•  Accurate location of parts 
•  Suitable for delicate parts 
•  Remote-controlled electronics for dirty environments 
•  Rapid, intuitive integration 
•  Patented 
•  Large area for singulation and picking 
•  Quick emptying option 
•  Several singulation options 
•  Low maintenance


  • Съвместимост

FlexiBowl is compatible with all TCP/IP socket languages and offers plug-ins for a vast range of robots, including:
•  ABB
•  Denso
•  Doosan
•  Epson
•  Fanuc
•  Kawasaki
•  Kuka
•  Mecademic
•  Mitsubishi Electric
•  Omron
•  Staubli
•  Techman Robot
•  Universal Robots

  • What is FlexiVision?

FlexiVision, the machine vision software that controls the operations of FlexiBowl, developed with Cognex Vision Pro library tools.

FlexiBowl can be fitted with FlexiVision, the vision system specially designed for this product that can also be used with third-party machine vision systems, as needed.

FlexiVision is our vision system, fine-tuned over the years and used to monitor accurately the operations of FlexiBowl.

FlexiVision dynamically controls all FlexiBowl operations, including acceleration, deceleration, speed, angle and activation of the flip mechanism. It handles the bulk feeder algorithm and calibration of the robot.

The system also allows the transfer of coordinates to the robot for actuation of the pick&place sequence and more accurate location of the parts in FlexiBowl.

FlexiVision helps manage communication with the robot and guides preparation of the recipe database.

FlexiVision supports up to two additional inspection cameras for intermediate levels of control.

Systeme de vision robotique industrielle    
Systeme Vision Robotique

   Systeme Vision Robotique

  • How it Works

FlexiVision is designed to reduce the time it takes to integrate a vision system into FlexiBowl. FlexiVision takes a photo once the parts have stabilized on the disc.

Its algorithm locates and identifies the coordinates of the object on the FlexiBowl;
FlexiVision sends the coordinates to the robot responsible for the pick&place operation;
The vision system takes another photo which leads to a new pick&place operation or to movement of the FlexiBowl and consequently triggers the unloading sequence for the bulk feeder, if necessary.

The FlexiVision algorithm signals the quantity of parts in each section of the discs and commands the unloading of new parts. This increases the availability of parts for pick&place and hence leads to more productivity.

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