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Schneider Electric Galaxy 7000

Schneider Electric Galaxy 7000

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS

Galaxy 7000 - 250/300/400/500 kVA, Power efficiency for business continuity

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The Galaxy 7000 is flexible and adaptable through its robust IGBT rectifier/inverter design with all types of real-world loads (inductive, capacitive with no derating of active power). This transformerless UPS system maximizes the system efficiency up to 94.5%, keeping valuable operational costs low (energy savings) while providing the highest power quality to mission-critical loads. Higher gains can also be made thanks to the ECO-mode feature, with up to 99% efficiency, available on both parallel and single units. The SPoT feature eliminates the need for a load bank, which provides significant savings during both installation and operation of the UPS. This feature can operate in two different modes on both single and parallel systems.


  • Galaxy 7000 includes features and options that continue to solve customer needs, including flexibility to grow as power requirements expand.

These include the N+1 parallel/redundant modules with several choices, including isolated redundant, integrated parallel, and centralized static switch, making the Galaxy 
7000 a leader with high-availability architectures for mission-critical environments.


  • Ползи: 

• Sized for harsh environments
• Easy to upgrade
• Easy to install
• Easy integration into electrical networks
• Flexible
• Front access design
• Smart Power Test feature
• Power factor corrected input
• Efficiency Booster Mode on parallel installations


  • Приложения:

• For medium to large data centers, Industry, Financial institutions, Healthcare, Petrochemical, Utility

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