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Schneider Electric Galaxy VM

Schneider Electric Galaxy VM

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS

Highly efficient 160-1125kVA -480V and 160 -1000kVA 400V 3 phase UPS power protection that seamlessly integrates into medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications

The Galaxy VM is a key component of the fully integrated and comprehensive Schneider Electric energy management solution for data centers and industrial applications. Deploying the latest in technology, it lowers energy costs through high efficiency and an ECOnversion mode. State-of-the-art electrical performance options, such as wide input voltage range, high overload and short-circuit capacities, and integrated backfeed protection, allow the Galaxy VM to seamlessly integrate into your electrical network to provide excellent power quality. Highly compact, the Galaxy VM also integrates well with facility monitoring systems requirements, offering energy storage flexibility that tailors the solution to your specific needs. It features top and bottom cable entry, full front service access, back-to-the-wall installation, and includes start-up services, making the Galaxy VM one of the easiest UPS units in its class to deploy, install, 
and maintain.


  • Ползи:

• Integration into your electrical network
• Lowers your energy costs through high efficiency
• Increases your energy storage flexibility
• From ordering to installation, the Galaxy VM makes your solution choice easy
•  StruxureWare for Data Centers software suite


  • Приложения:

• Very high efficiency for small to medium data centers, buildings, and facilities 

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