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Schneider Electric Gutor PXC

Schneider Electric Gutor PXC

Gutor Industrial UPS and Power Conversion

10-100 kVA high performance, compact, pre- engineered 3 phase UPS for light and heavy industrial applications

10 to 80kVA (400V); 25 to 100kVA (208V


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Gutor PXC 3 Phase UPS is the first pre-engineered industrial UPS for light and heavy industrial environments. Highly compact, Gutor PXC works effortlessly with your facility monitoring systems and offers full industrial design options, and a wide temperature range from -10 to +55 °C. It also features top and bottom cable entry and a fully integrated isolation transformer option( 50Hz: available today; 60Hz: coming soon). With full front service access, modular fans, and power modules, the Gutor PXC is one of the easiest UPSs in its class to deploy, install and maintain.


  • Reliability:

• More than 50 years of experience in heavy industrial UPS solutions
• Based on the Gutor PXP with many years of proven field reliability 
• Decentralized control architecture for increased reliability
• Redundant and individually monitored fans
• 20-year design life


  • Footprint:

• Smallest footprint on the market among industrial UPS
• Suitable for applications with limited available space


  • Low THDi:

• Excellent power conditioning, very low harmonic distortion, input power factor correction, and high efficiency Industrial design
• Robust mechanical design (vertical- and horizontal acceleration stress 1 g)
• Electrically and physically integrated galvanic isolation (input and output) available as an option 
• Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions (temperature, altitude, humidity, electromagnetic 
• compatibility, Standard protection degree IP42)


  • Transformerless configuration:

• Transformerless configuration as standard
• Reduction in footprint, weight, and cost 
• Increased efficiency with equivalent performance


  • Interface and communication:

• Communication via modbus, TCP/IP, IEC 61850, RS485
• Web interface for remote monitoring


  • Energy efficiency:

• Up to 94 per cent efficient due to state-of-the-art semiconductor technology (insulated gate bipolar transistor)
• PFC rectifier eliminates oversizing of diesel generator
• All classical batteries, VRLA, Vented, NiCd battery offer with short/long back-up times and different charging modes


  • Приложения:

• Oil & Gas
• Energy & Power Generation
• Mining
• Water treatment  & Desalination
• Transport
• Chemical industry
• Industrial Process Control
• Industrial Applications

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