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Schneider Electric Harmony XVU

Schneider Electric Harmony XVU

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The innovative Harmony XVU range of Ø 60 mm tower lights and sounders offers multiple lighting patterns, mounting flexibility, modern aesthetics, and unrivalled brightness.

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  • Характеристики

• conformity with IEC, UL, and CSA standards, as well as CE marking
• IP65 and IP54 protection ratings for sounders
• ultra-bright LED with 360° visibility
• 6 colors with 4 light patterns: steady, flashing, blinking, and rotating
• 4 mounting styles: flexible, wall, pole, or direct mounting
• common light modules for AC and DC power
• sound and voice modules


  • Ползи

• high visibility of machine status
• simple adaptation to your applications (audible and visible)
• simplified installation, easy maintenance, and direct connection to PLC
• simple selection and ordering: 60% less references than traditional tower lights with no loss of functionality
• modern design


  • Приложения

• machine tools
• material handling
• packaging
• electronic equipment
• automotive

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