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Кабели за осветителни тела Sangel

Кабели за осветителни тела Sangel

Кабели за осветителни тела

We leave the assembly to you and then supply you with the cables you need in line with the corresponding standards. Different lengths and cable designs available on request.

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Connect drive systems or peripheral devices in industrial applications with cables from Sangel. As a manufacturer of system cables in drive, automation or control technology, we always have more than 1,000 different cable types at hand. The requirements of the applications result in a broad product spectrum that differs substantially in the cable structure and motion profile. Talk to us, even if you only need cable.


  • Your advantages

• Stay flexible – determine your length on-site
• Professional advise – we support you choosing the cable
• Quick delivery of special cables – e.g. hybrid- or one cable systems
• Optional assembled by us


  • M8x1 connection cable

 Li9Y11Y, PUR, schwarz; 0,25mm² | Li9Y11Y, PUR, black; 0,25mm²   

• M8-Ltg 4p BU/OE A-cod 4x0,25 PUR 5m and 10m 

• M8-Ltg 5p BU/OE B-cod 5x0,25 PUR 5m and 10m





• M8-Ltg 4p BU/ST A-cod 4x0,25 PUR 0,3m, 0,6m, 1,5m and 3m

• M8-Ltg 5p BU/ST B-cod 5x0,25 PUR 0,3m, 0,6m and 1,5m






  • M12x1 connection cable 

LiYY, PUR, schwarz; 0,34mm² | LiYY, PUR, black; 0,34mm² 

• M12-Ltg 5p BU/OE A-cod 5x0,34 PUR 2m, 3m, 5m and 10m







  • Extension lines 

• GST-Ltg. 3p BU/ST 3x1,5 bk 1m, 2m and 4m

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