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Mitsubishi Electric RT VisualBox

Mitsubishi Electric RT VisualBox

RT VisualBox robot engineering software

Customers use MELFA ASSISTA and RT VisualBox to realize more efficient production, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of robotic manufacturing systems, and meet new needs for adequate distancing of workers in manufacturing sites.

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  • Simplified application development using intuitive flow-chart programing

The RT VisualBox programming tool developed by Mitsubishi Electric enables operating sequences to be created intuitively by linking block diagrams in a chain of events, including connection with other devices such as robot hands and cameras. Fast program-development and design time help to reduce system TCO.


  • Fast robot setup time via dedicated control panel

Robot movements can be taught and recorded quickly via a dedicated control panel on the robot arm, doing away with separate teaching boxes* required for conventional industrial robots. The control panel features a simple design with a minimum number of buttons for simplicity, enabling even inexperienced users without expert knowledge of robots to set up the system with ease.

*Input and control devices for creating, recording and deploying movement programs


  • Easy monitoring of robot status via LED light

A bright LED light that uses different colors to indicate the status of the robot is located conveniently on the robot arm for easy viewing, helping to lower TCO by eliminating the need for conventional monitoring devices.

Product Model Specification Release Yearly Sales Target
MELFA ASSISTA Collaborative Robot RV-5AS-D 5kg load capacity and 6-axis movement May 21, 2020 1,000 units
RT VisualBox Engineering Software 3G-30C-WINJ/E Windows 10 compatible 1,000 sets
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