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Schunk магнитни грипери

Schunk магнитни грипери

Attractive. Energy efficient and reliable.

Нашите електрически захвати на Schunk с голяcа площ са проектирани за надеждно и прецизно зареждане и разтоварване на различни феромагнитни детайли във и от машини.

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Our large-area electrically actuated grippers are designed for reliable and precise loading and unloading of various ferromagnetic workpieces into and out of machines.

Users benefit from the energy efficiency and process reliability of this gripper. Only a brief current pulse is needed for activation and deactivation, and the workpiece is held very reliably even in emergency-stop situation.

The adaption capabilities of all conventional robots ensure that these grippers are used to their full potential in any application.

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