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Mitsubishi Electric 3D Simulator MELSOFT Gemini

Mitsubishi Electric 3D Simulator MELSOFT Gemini

3D digital twin simulation will streamline design and construction of production facilities while improving quality

By connecting to a variety of software and factory devices, MELSOFT Gemini will visualize, simulate and help streamline manufacturing work processes ranging from design of production facilities to operation and maintenance.

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  • Product Features

1) 3D digitalization of production facilities for easy verification

MELSOFT Gemini simulates the operation and control of production lines and equipment using a PC-based 3D digital space, so that digital verification can be made to support the fast and simplified launch of actual equipment and lines later on. MELSOFT Gemini connects to MELSOFT simulators, which are available separately as part of the "MELSOFT iQ Works" software package, to simulate the control of devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motion controllers (Servos). During the verification process, facility engineers can check the status of the planned production facility by looking at the PLC sequence program, reviewing displays of operational waveforms and/or video data when an error is found.

MELSOFT Gemini directly connects to the MELSOFT simulator and factory devices without having to go through an OPC server, enabling 3D data to be updated in digital spaces approximately 12 times faster than OPC environments, according to Mitsubishi Electric as of March 29, 2022. Detailed checks for possible operational interference can also reduce the need to rework processes as well as helping to improve quality.

In the operation and maintenance phases, the causes of abnormal occurrences in the production line can be determined quickly using visual data, which is provided to line operators through MELSOFT Gemini.