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MIXO вложки

MIXO вложки

Модулни вложки за многополюсни конектори

The MIXO series is a system of modular units for special applications that uses the traditional ILME enclosures.

Each enclosure can house different types of connections such as: electric signals and contacts for the conduction of

compressed air with pressure values of up to 8 bars. The inserts are arranged side by side to form a single

compact block which is inserted into metallic frames with constrained positioning. Once the modules have been

inserted and locked with the special tabs, the connector can be placed into the enclosure. The modular system makes it easy to access a series of contacts inserted in the frame (e.g., for substitution, check or the addition of signals with new inserts for needs not foreseen during the initial installation) without having to disassemble the entire connector.

ILME MIXO series of modular connectors is an open connector system that provides versatile configuration to the users’ individual requirements, giving the freedom to assemble a customized connector from a range of over 40 modules for power electrical, data transmission, optical signals or air. The module range is continuously expanded, allowing new configurations to be realised.


-    Pneumatic contacts in plastic with hose barb connection.
-     Fibre optic contacts SC type.
-    Electric contacts in silver-plated or gold-plated brass with connections to the conductors via crimping, spring clamp or axial screw.
-     Modular inserts of identical size with insertion system for forming the complete module and frame lock tab.
-    Inserts in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material, reinforced with glass fibre, UL 94V-0 approved, with a working temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C.
-    Inserts in conformance with the requirements of the EN 61984 standard and certified and marked with the UL, CSA, CQC, DNV-GL, BV, EAC marks.
-     Inserts with patented “swallowtails” to prevent incorrect coupling.
-    Position of contacts identified with numbers or codes on both sides of every insert.
-     Male/female module carrier frames with mandatory housings and polarity, in die-cast zinc alloy.
-    Module lock tab, may be divided according to the number of modules used; it guarantees a perfect stability of the modules during wiring and coupling/uncoupling of the connectors.
-    Asymmetric protective earth contacts (two per frame) with wide contact surface to prevent incorrect coupling; when two or more identical connectors of the MIXO series are used, coded pins may prevent incorrect coupling (refer to pages 684, 685 and 689).
-    Captive frame fastening screws, with spring washer.
-    Dummy module for unused frame slots


-     Easy and user-friendly assembly of the complete multi-module insert before fixing it on the relevant
-    sized metal frame;
-    Use of proprietary ILME technology providing each module with “swallowtails” (lateral keys/keyways),
for reciprocal locking of modules and overall assembly of the insert into rigid (non hinged)  frames with snap-in locking strips;
-    Faster and easier assembly compared with competitor solutions (easier handling of modules as a complete block than e.g. 6 independent parts);
-    Intermateability at “complete connector” (modules in frame) with other industry standard products;
-    Robust and long lasting prevailing crimp connection technology (largely preferred over screw type technology in high vibration and shock environments.

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