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Schneider Electric Modicon STB

Schneider Electric Modicon STB

IP20 modular distributed I/O on multiple networks & fieldbus

For distributed connection to sensors and actuators from a PLC with prefabricated cables.

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Architectures based around islands installed as close to the machine as possible reduce the time and cost of wiring for sensors and actuators, while increasing system availability. The Modicon STB distributed I/O system is an open, modular input/output system and makes it possible to design industrial automation islands managed by a master controller via a bus or communication network.

These islands can be used to connect:

• TeSys U or TeSys T motor starters

• Altivar variable speed drives

• FTB IP 67 distributed I/O

• OsiSense rotary encoders

• Magelis HMI terminals

• Approved third-party products via the CANopen bus.

The island components are electronic modules mounted on one or more DIN rails.

These clusters of modules, known as segments, carry a bus from beginning to end of each island. The island bus provides power distribution, signal sensing, and power management to all compatible modules, in the form of a wiring management system.


The Modicon STB I/O family can be divided into 2 groups of modules:

• Basic modules: A set of low-cost modules, with simplified operating modes.

• Standard modules: An extended offer of I/O modules, with additional functions: configurable parameters, extended operating modes.


A Modicon STB island is made up of one or more segments comprising PDM power distribution modules and I/O modules. An island starts with a NIM network interface module and ends with a bus terminator supplied with the NIM module. An island can be made up of a single segment or a primary segment and up to6 expansion segments. The island segments are chained by EOS (End Of Segment) and BOS (Beginning Of Segment) internal bus expansion modules.


  • Приложения:

• Packaging

• Bottling

• Assembly

• Distribution

• Textile

• Printing

• Semiconductor machines

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