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Celduc Motor control SSRs

Celduc Motor control SSRs

Полупроводникови релета за управление на мотори

Motor control has always been something difficult to tackle with as a motor is first of all an inductive type of load with high starting currents (which doesn’t help reduce size and costs of protection devices like fuses) and over voltages generated at turn-off.

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Solid State solutions are more and more popular to control motor loads. Another big advantage of using power electronics is that numerous control modes can easily be performed thanks to very fast response time, and computing power of micro-processors. celduc relais specialising in Solid State Relays manufactures in France with a high level of quality a complete range of Solid State Contactors for motors, as well as soft starters and motor reversers.


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• SMR - For AC motors - New generation of three-phase motor reverser. Compact 45mm version. This range is used to reverse the rotational direction of a motor (2.2kW max).


• SG9-SV9-SW9 - For AC motors - 3 phase motor reversers. These relays are used to reverse the rotational direction of a motor. The SV9 range is with IP20 housing. The SW9 range is ready to use with heatsink and DIN rail mounting integrated. They are all supplied with LED indicators and protection against simultaneous controls (interlocking). Available in 40 or 47,6mm housing.


• SGRD AND XKRD - The SGRD reversing unit for DC motor control offers all the necessary built-in control protections including protection against wiring errors or short circuit on the input. This version includes the interlocking function to avoid control of the two directions at the same time. The ready to use module XKRD30506 for Din-Rail mounting comprises 4 Solid State relays wired as a reverser to be used to change the direction of a DC motor (100W @ 24Vdc).


• SO4 - For AC motors - single-phase softstarters.


• SYMC - To limit peak energy demand

For AC motors - This new AC single phase softstarter is engineered to the highest quality and is designed especially for single phase motors 32A/230Vac with starting capacitor (e.g. compressor for heat pumps or refrigerating chambers). 


• SMCV-SMCW - Three-phase AC softstarters

- Diagnostic monitoring of line, load & supply as well as normal operational status 
- Better balance of and less interference on starters (full control of the 3 phases!)
- Simple use easing implementation and adjustments
- As compact as an electronic contactoror AC motors - 3-phase motor softstarters


• SVTA - For AC motors - digital proportionnal controllers


• SGR - For AC motors - New generation of three-phase motor reverser. 100mm version.


• XKM - For AC motors - 2 poles or 3 poles motor switching control. Din-Rail mounted products.


• XKR - For AC motors - AC motor change-over control. Din-Rail mounted products.

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