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Murrplastik EW-HY

Murrplastik EW-HY

Murrplastik EW-HY

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The EW-HY cable protection conduits are made of specially modified thermoplastic elastomer. The material is halogen-, phosphor- and cadmium-free – as well as heat and hydrolysis stabilised. The EW-HY cable protection conduits are characterised by outstanding flexibility, flexural fatigue strength and good crush resistance. This product is ideal for use in handling systems and robotics engineering, because of its excellent flexural fatigue strength. For dynamic applications involving low to medium mechanical loads.


  • Applications

• Robotics

• Handling systems


  • Specifications

• Thermoplastic elastomer

• -45 °C–160 °C short term 180 °C

• acc. to UL94: HB

• > 500 N According to IEC EN 61386 M25/P21

• Cycles: > 250000 ~

• alcohol, greases, fuels, lyes, mineral oils, weak acids

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