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Murrplastik R-Tec Liner

Murrplastik R-Tec Liner

R-Tec Liner

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With the R-Tec Liner, Murrplastik has succeeded in creating a new linear system for the optimum guidance of energy packages from axis 3 to axis 6 on industrial robots. In the specially manufactured aluminium housing with the integrated and patented spring return system, the energy package is guided effectively and with low wear.


  • Specifications

Aluminium, mod. polypropylene

• -40 °C–140 °C short term 160 °C

acc. to UL94: V2

extremely strong aluminium housing

the system can be installed without base plate on selected robots

compact design

highest holding times

quick and easy replacement of the dresspack

closed system; the guidance system is protected from ingress of dirt

preferred for conduit harnesses from axis 1-6

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Николай Кривошиев
Ръководител направление "Индустриални роботи“
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