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Photonео Bin Picking Studio

Photonео Bin Picking Studio

Robotic Intelligence tool for every integrator

Bin Picking Studio. The most versatile robotic intelligence software

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  • How does it work

•  Select the robot

For you and your projects, we have developed the largest database of robots. We are supporting great amount of robot models from various brands. And if you have a robot that is not in our list - get in touch and we will gladly provide assistance and integrate it into our Bin Picking Studio.


•  Upload the gripper

Upload the CAD model of your gripping tool. The model of the gripper is used for tool point configuration in the virtual environment.



•  Upload your object

All you need to start planning your bin-picking gripping points is a CAD model of the product you want to pick. Upload it into the Bin Picking Studio and immediately start working with it in a virtual environment.