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Photonео MotionCam – 3D Color

Photonео MotionCam – 3D Color

Real-time colorful point clouds

The highest accuracy and highest resolution 3D camera in the world. Scan in a motion of up to 40 m/s.

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  • Characteristics

•  Resistant to vibrations & ambient light
•  Highest resolution and accuracy
•  No blurry edges
•  Patented technology
•  Ultra high-density
•  Industry-ready device
•  Computational powerhouse
•  Unrivaled scanning range


  • Available Data Outputs

•  3D Point cloud example
•  Normals (nX nY nZ)
•  Depth Map (Z)
•  Grayscale Texture
•  Color Texture (RGB)


  • Easy setup



  • The power of Parallel Structured Light

Parallel Structured Light brings the state-of-the-art quality and resolution of structured light scanning into the 3D reconstruction of highly dynamic scenes. This novel patented technology uses a clever a standard image sensor. This means that the Parallel Structured light method practically freezes the 3D scene in time.


  • Case studies

•  Dimensioning & measurement

The logistics industry needs to keep up with the growing demand of the market. Continuous growth in orders requires modern automation solution that require high accuracy scanning of variety of objects that are dynamic. Implementing conventional vision system may prove difficult, however with the unique abilities of MotionCam-3D it is no longer problem to receive accurate measurements or even objects that are in motion.











•  Overhead conveyors

Items on overhead conveyors have unpredictable non-linear movement. They are often swinging and vibrating. This is where MotionCam-3D offers unique value proposition - capturing of highly precise point clouds of even these objects that are moving unpredictably.