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Релета за функционална безопасност

PNOZ X safety relays

  • Customised safety for your application

Our PNOZ X safety relays are proven through their reliability and sturdiness. They are used in a wide range of applications and in the most diverse safety applications. Use one PNOZ X per safety function. The technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts with 2 relay technology. The sizes vary from 22.5 to 90 mm, the number of contacts from two to eight. Whatever your safety requirement – PNOZ X has already proved itself a million times over in the rugged everyday industrial environment.


  • The right PNOZ X for each application – Your benefits

• A wide range of product types for all safety functions

• Excellent price/performance ratio

• Fast commissioning thanks to plug-in terminals with spring-loaded or screw connections

• Maximum safety with low space requirement

• Flexible application due to universal power supply

• Electromechanical, sturdy, compact





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