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Schunk конфигуратор за ERT въртящ модул

Schunk конфигуратор за ERT въртящ модул

Design and selection tool

With the SCHUNK Sizing Assistant Swiveling ERT, the swiveling times of the individual ERT variants can be precisely calculated and designed.

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  • Advantages – Your benefits:

•  Swivel time calculation for the individual SCHUNK ERT variants

For each individual case of application due to many years of experience and proven calculation logic

•  Simple and consistent user guidance with visual support

for data entry of all relevant parameters for calculating the ERT swiveling time

•  Users receive a hit list

with suitable pneumatic SCHUNK swivel modules for convenient and safe selection of the suitable SCHUNK product

•  Specific utilization ratio in accordance with the application scenario

of the SCHUNK ERT swivel module is displayed in a hit list. In addition to the hit list, the specific utilization criteria for the respective components is specified

•  Current SCHUNK product portfolio

and the associated data is always up to date. This increases the safety and efficiency when selecting components

•  Archiving, opening the design

for viewing the entry parameters and design results again later

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