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Schunk радиални грипери

Schunk радиални грипери

Tight Angles? Right Angles!

Могат да се използват в широк спектър от приложения, от технология за сглобяване на електроника и опаковане до машини за товарене и разтоварване.

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  • Our standard range of angular grippers includes:

 •  small-component

 •  universal

 •  large-stroke

 •  sealed grippers with 2- or 3-fingers for safe, precise handling of workpieces with different weights

They can be used in a wide range of applications, from electronics assembly and packaging technology to loading and unloading machine tools.

The ability to combine a gripper with elements such as sensor systems, product-specific gripper fingers or plastic inserts offers increased productivity, while innovative design tweaks such as the positively guided toggle drive system allow precise, synchronized gripping for greater process reliability.

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