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ILME С-Type – кожуси и основи

ILME С-Type – кожуси и основи

Метални кожуси – класическият избор

This series has been developed for application in electrical and electronic machinery, control units, electrical panels, control equipment, in industrial environments and in general, wherever a reliable and easily disconnectable connection is required for power and signal circuits.

The inserts of the CMCE series (except the 16+2 poles) and of the CMSH series may use standard enclosures also for uses of up to 830V UL certified for USA and Canada for Type 4, 4X (outdoor use) and 12 (indoor use) degrees of protection (enclosure type rating), marked on the packaging. IP65 or IP66/IP69 degrees of protection according to model.


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• CH, CA and MH, MA, MF series - Made of die cast aluminium alloy
• with epoxy-polyester thermosetting powder coating
• gaskets in anti-aging, oil-resistant, grease-resistant and fuelresistant vinyl nitrile elastomer
• locking device with levers, springs and pins in stainless steel
• lever handles in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fibres, UL approved (for CH, CA and MH, MA enclosures)
• ambient temperature range: -40 °C / +125 °C

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