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Сензори и светлинни бариери

Сензори и светлинни бариери

Real-time flow monitoring and light barrier for dispensing valves

Process monitoring for shot and high-speed valves. Reduce lost production time and maximise your line's efficiency.

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The light barrier is a process monitoring device used with the very fast-switching shot and high-speed valves. It counts the number of discharged shots, checking them against the set target quantity.


  • Features and Benefits:

•  New design for a higher usability
•  New evaluation unit and fibre optic
•  Blow-off function to clean the nozzle with pneumatic air


The micro-flow sensor can be used with needle metering valves to confi rm that material is being dispensed. It is designed for the detection of very small quantities (0.005 - 3.00 ml). This device is meant purely for material discharge monitoring purposes, not as a means of volumetric measurement.


  • Function

The micro-flow sensor detects whether material has been dispensed or not, without contact with the material. An induced analogue measurement signal is amplified and forwarded to the electronic controller. The sensor is able to capture up to 120 metering cycles per minute. Should the electronic controller fail to send a signal as a result of no material flow, the master control unit will activate an alarm.


  • Features

•  Continuous detection of material flow
•  High process reliability
•  Simple refitting to existing metering systems
•  Compact sensor design
•  Dependable electronics
•  Simple operation
•  No mechanical adjustment required
•  Stainless steel wetted parts
•  Adaptable to all DOPAG needle nozzles


  • Technical Specifications
Detecting volume  5 to 25 mm³ per cycle with Micro metering valve 
  5 to 3.000 mm³ per cycle with Mini metering valve 
  and the 419 range of metering valves 
Cycle time   up to 120 metering cycle per minute
Material outlet Connector for DOPAG needle nozzle M 12 x 1
Electronic control supply voltage 18 to 36 V DC
Electronic control signal output 24 V DC, 500 mA max. 
Dimensions, L x B x H Micro-flow sensor without needle nozzle, 80 x 63 x 19 mm Electronic control, 115 x 100 x 19 mm
Weight 110 g


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