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SICK safeVisionary2

SICK safeVisionary2

Safety camera sensors

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions

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  • Overview

Safe 3D environment perception opens up new dimensions

With the world’s first 3D time-of-flight camera with performance level c safety certification, SICK is opening a new dimension in safety technology. safeVisionary2 allows safe three-dimensional environment perception that you can use to increase the safety and efficiency of your applications. Thanks to the precise measurement data, the camera also reliably solves automation tasks, thus eliminating the need for you to purchase additional hardware components. safeVisionary2 has a compact, rugged design and is versatile and reliable when used for everyday industrial tasks.

At a glance

•  3D time-of-flight camera with performance level c
•  Up to 4 m protective field range
•  2 simultaneous protective fields and 8 monitoring cases
•  Measurement data output via Gigabit Ethernet
•  Compact shock- and vibration-resistant design with enclosure rating IP65 and IP67
•  Tried-and-tested intuitive Safety Designer configuration software


  • Advantages

•  Increasing safety, raising productivity

With the safeVisionary2 3D time-of-flight camera, you gain new perspectives. Thanks to the safe 3D environment perception of the device, you expand your existing applications to include new options that increase the productivity and safety of your machines and systems.

Collision protection for mobile robots

With safeVisionary2, your mobile robots can also detect obstacles above the protective field of a safety laser scanner. This increases the safety and availability of your vehicles.



3D protective field for collaborative robots

safeVisionary2 safely detects residual risks such as a person leaning or reaching over. This means the camera enables true collaboration with fewer stops and reduced safety distances.



Fall protection for service robots

Thanks to safeVisionary2, your service robots also register falling hazards such as stairs. With two cameras, performance level d required by IEC 63327-2021 can be achieved for this function



More productivity thanks to safe 3D environment perception

•  Outstanding data quality thanks to 3D time-of-flight technology

safeVisionary2 is more than just a safety camera sensor. In addition to the safety functions, the camera offers precise 3D measurement data that can also be used in a variety of ways.

Precise 3D information

At 30 images per second and a resolution of 512 x 424 pixels, the camera delivers reliable intensity and distance values even in dynamic applications.



Fast data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet

You benefit from fast data transmission thanks to Gigabit Ethernet as well as short response times for high safety.



More than just a safety sensor

You can also use the 3D measurement data for automation tasks, such as for vehicle navigation or object detection.



The camera that unites safety and automation

•  Fits perfect

safeVisionary2 has a compact design and is reliable and versatile in everyday industrial use. You also benefit from a high level of user-friendliness and save time during installation and configuration.

Very compact with just 70 x 80 x 77 mm

Thanks to its compact dimensions, safeVisionary2 has a clear advantage compared to many other sensors. This allows you to easily integrate the camera into your machine design, and it also fits in tight installation spaces.



Reliable even when subjected to high loads

Thanks to the solid-state technology, safeVisionary2 is resistant to shocks and vibration – for high availability in mobile applications.



Fast commissioning

With the help of mounting brackets, standardized connection technology and the Safety Designer software, safeVisionary2 can be put into operation quickly.



Customized solution, even for demanding ambient conditions

•  Tried-and-proven intuitive configuration software

The versatile Safety Designer software makes it easy to configure your safety application. The implementation and use of safety and diagnostic functions is just as easy as usual.

Simple protective field configuration

Drawing 3D protective fields is very simple. Applications and functions such as the integrated protective field evaluation take on a new meaning with safeVisionary2.

Integrated diagnostic functions

Use real-time visualization and diagnostic functions to quickly troubleshoot and optimize your application.

Get the job done with one tool

With Safety Designer, you configure your entire safety application, from individual sensors to logic, and also get detailed documentation.

Time- and cost-saving configuration and diagnostics


  • Applications

Fields of applications

•  Safe collision avoidance and lateral protection for mobile robots and AGVs
•  Protects personnel from leaning over into the hazardous area of collaborative robots
•  Fall protection for mobile service and healthcare robots, e.g., cleaning robots


  • Your Benefits

•  Solve your safety applications simply and efficiently – with the safe 3D environment perception
•  Use the precise 3D measurement data for automation tasks, e.g., contour-based navigation for your mobile vehicles
•  Benefit from the user-friendly configuration, commissioning and diagnostics
•  Versatile in use and effortless to integrate, even when the installation space is limited
•  High availability, even under mechanical loads and during continuous operation – no moving parts due to the measurement technology used

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