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Pilz сигнални лампи PITsign

Pilz сигнални лампи PITsign

PIT контролни и сигнални устройства

Изборът на правилното контролно/сигнално устройство е ключов фактор за безопасността на човека и машината.

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Muting is the temporary, automatic suspension of a safety function during a machine's normal operation. It is mostly required when transporting material into or out of a danger zone. Use visual means to indicate the muting status of protective devices and so warn people against entering danger zones, whether accidentally or intentionally. Use Pilz muting lamps PITsign!


  • More than just a lamp

• Either as components for monitoring muting functions or as a complete solution in conjunction with other Pilz products
• Increased safety for man and machine as the muting status is signalled
• Smooth production within muting areas
• Complete solution in conjunction with approved evaluation devices
• Safe, error-free control of the muting lamps
• Reliable monitoring of the lamp function


  • Unmonitored muting lamps PIT si1.1

During the muting operation, the operator must be alerted to the danger that is created by suspending the safety function. PITsign muting lamps are specially designed for this purpose. They light up as soon as muting mode is started.
Unmonitored muting lamps PIT si1.1


  • Monitored muting lamps PITsi1.2

Muting lamp
For applications up to Category 4 of EN 954-1, up to SIL 3 of EN/ISO 62061 and/or up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1
2 semiconductor signal outputs issue a warning and message in the case of a defective lamp
For universal use thanks to integrated lamp monitoring in accordance with the ESPE standard 61496-1/-2


  • LED muting lamp PIT si2.1

• Unmonitored LED muting lamp
• e.g. suitable for use with PSENopt light curtains, programmable control systems PSS, devices with dual-pole outputs or the safety relays PMUT X1P
• Service life up to 50,000 hours


  • Indicator light unit PIT si3.1

• Unmonitored indicator light unit
• Signals various operating and plant statuses (red and green light element)
• Signals process errors and warning zone violations (amber light element)

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