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ILME V-Type – кожуси и основи

ILME V-Type – кожуси и основи

Extra tough

The performance requirements in connection protection are increasingly varied and specialized. To respond to this wide range of needs, ILME has developed several original solutions, including the innovative V-TYPE lever.


This proprietary lever, due to the vertical closing movement, offers an IP66/IP67/IP69 degree of protection (according to EN 60529) when fitted with a complete and coupled connector and used with ILME standard hoods in die cast aluminium moulded (without adaptor). The high degree of protection is therefore not dependant on the use of special gaskets or locking devices. The fixing flanges are the same as those fitted on traditional models. This means it is possible to use the new housings as alternatives to the traditional version without affecting the interchangeability, or changing dimensions, spaces, flanges or fixing positions. This lever differs from other commercial ones because of its closing movement principle, consisting of 2 hinged elements that are then pivoted on the housing. This composite movement enables to move the lever above the pin of the housing that has to be fixed in place with an initial rotatory movement and then press it downwards to engage the locking mechanism. The tight seal after closure and the simplicity of the movement are key characteristics that only ILME has managed to combine into a single lever.


  • Характеристики:

• The friction on the pin is almost zero because the lever exerts its pressure vertically, thus significantly reducing wear in case of frequent use
• The complete lever is manufactured in stainless steel and is fitted with a catch that prevents it from being accidentally detached 
• The absence of parts in plastic offers a higher resistance to impacts and in case of contact with oils and aggressive chemical substances or high ambient temperatures
• The lever can be used for applications with vibrations because it has no springs and is therefore more rigid
• The lever occupies a very small space during the closing phase
• It is recommended in cases when the cable weight forces the levers to open, such as vertically installed  connectors and the cable is mounted in the bottom

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