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Schneider Electric XCSLF and XCSE metal

Schneider Electric XCSLF and XCSE metal

XCSLF and XCSE метални ключове за безопасност

Metal safety interlock switches - with solenoid.

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  • With interlocking of actuating key by solenoid

Metal case safety interlock switches for use on machines with high inertia with controlled opening of the protective guard. Locking of the moving guard can either be on de-energization or energization of the solenoid. 


  • Auxiliary release:

A key-operated lock enables manual unlocking of the guard from outside the safeguarded area in the event of an interlocking circuit malfunction, and also provides extra safety for maintenance personnel likely to be working on the machine. The switches incorporate 2 LEDs: one indicating guard “open” and the other, guard “closed and locked” (XCSLF/XCSE). 


  • Emergency release with mushroom head pushbutton

Safety interlock switches are available with a mushroom head pushbutton mounted on the rear of the switch for unlocking the machine guard from inside the safeguarded area.


  • This manual unlocking using the mushroom head pushbutton for emergency release is useful in the following cases:

• While the machine or a group of machines is undergoing maintenance, enabling operation at reduced speed
• While stopped with the guard(s) closed


  • The safety of maintenance personnel is thus improved in the event of:

• A power outage
• An interlocking circuit malfunction
• Personnel finding themselves in a hazardous situation


  • Unlocking using the emergency release mushroom head pushbutton takes priority over any other action.

It therefore enables a person to leave the zone if the need arises. This function is reinitialized by turning (with or without a key) the emergency release mushroom head.


  • Основни параметри:
Номинално напрежение   до 250 V
Работна температура   -20°C…+60°C
Работна височина  0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)
Сертификати на продукти CE marking
Съответствие със стандарти IEC 60947-5-1
UL 508
CSA C22-2 no 14

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