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Schneider XUV/Y Fork and Frame Photo-electric sensors

Schneider  XUV/Y Fork and Frame Photo-electric sensors

XUV/Y фотоелектрически сензори тип вилица и рамка

Telemecanique Sensors XU range offers a full line of photoelectric proximity sensors dedicated to material handling, packaging, labeling, assembly, lift & escalators or food & beverage industries.

This range offers many functionalities such as Diffuse mode, Background Suppression (BGS), polarized reflex, laser reflex & through-beam or through-beam, available in the 4 most popular formats worldwide. The XU range is divided into 4 sub ranges for general purpose, lasers, forks and frames, and specific applications’ sensors. 
Optical forks. Constructed from metal, the optical fork is a robust sensor that is particularly suited to conveying and packaging applications and detection of labels.

• Rugged optical detection device not requiring alignment in through-beam mode.

• The beam from the transmitter limb is transmitted to the receiver limb. Due to its construction, only one connection is required as opposed to two for a traditional through-beam function.

• The transmission sources are LEDs of various technologies:

- Red for much improved efficiency during adjustment and maintenance
- Red laser for detection of transparent materials or very small parts
- Infrared, particularly for optical frames
- Ultrasonic for detection of transparent labels (clear on clear)

The beam is adjustable or fixed depending on the version. Adjustment enables the sensitivity to be altered and, therefore, detection of small parts down to dimensions of less than tenths of millimeters (minimum size of detectable object: 0.05 mm).

The high switching frequency (from 4 kHz up to 25 kHz) is very useful in industrial applications involving high operating rates.


  • Основни параметри:
Номинално напрежение   10…36VDC
Работна температура     -25°C…+60°C
Работна височина  0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)
Сертификати на продукти

CE marking



Съответствие със стандарти


IEC/EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4

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