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Schneider Electric AccuSine PFV+

Schneider Electric AccuSine PFV+

Specific and high performance solutions

The Schneider Electric solution for electronic reactive current compensation for specific and high performance solutions. AccuSine PVF+ can be operated as a displacement power factor correction and/or load balancing device.

  • AccuSine PFV+ is a very simple and effective means to eliminate leading or lagging power factor, reduce voltage fluctuations enhance equipment operating life, and improve system power capacity. AccuSine PFV+ offers many features in one package that others require multiple models to accomplish. Power Factor correction with AccuSine PFV+ is worry-free and without the risk of resonance.


  • Standard RMS output current ratings:

• 60 A, 120 A, 200 A, 300 A - 380 V AC to 480 V AC
• 47 A, 94 A, 157 A, 235 A - 480-600 V AC
• 40 A, 80 A, 133 A, 200 A - 600-690 V AC


  • Nominal voltage:

• 380-480 V AC; +10%/-15%
• 480-600 V AC; +10%/-15%
• 600-690 V AC; +10%/-15%


  • Up to 35kV with external transformers


  • Nominal Frequency:

• 50/60 Hz, ±3 % auto sensing


  • Power factor correction:

• Optimized unity PF, Leading (capacitive) or lagging (inductive) power factor (Cos f) to target


  • Mains current balancing:

• Negative sequence current injected to balance fundamental current on the mains due to load imbalance (inherently corrects displacement PF (Cos φ)


  • Control response time:

• 25 μs


  • Reactive correction time:

• 1/4 cycle


  • Operating Temperature:

• 60 A, 120 A & 200 A: IP00, IP20, UL Type Open, & UL Type 1 configurations -0 °C to 45 °C
• All others 0 °C to 40 °C
• Derate 2 % per degree °C to 50 °C


  • Relative humidity:

• 0-95 %, noncondensing


  • Operating Altitude:

• 1000 m (derate 1 %/100 m above)


  • Standards compliance/certification

• cULus (UL508 , CSA 22.2 No. 14)
• CE Certified, ABS, Lloyds, other local standards


  • Display:

• 145 mm QVGA TFT 7-color touchscreen


  • HMI (Magelis STU):

• Plain language output (no cryptic codes)


  • Protection (enclosure):

• IP00, IP20, IP31, IP54, UL Type 2, UL Type 1


  • Ползи:

• Flexible and scalable

• Peace of mind: Worry-free power factor correction without the risk of resonance

• Simple installation and ease of expansion

• Flexible parallel operation modes for multi-unit installations

• Current transformers can be installed on the incoming mains (source sense) or on the feeders to the loads (load sense) for maximum installation flexibility  


  • Приложения:

• Stop voltage sags and flicker due to load current fluctuations (VAR compensation): Ball mills, shredders, arc welders, arc furnaces, hard to start AC motors, and more.

• Correction of leading power factors in data centers to allow back-up generators to operate.

• High speed power factor correction where traditional capacitor banks are unable to track loads.

• For larger applications AccuSine PFV can be combined with a capacitor bank to reduce the system cost. AccuSine PFV can either add or subtract to the capacitor bank output to achieve an high speed reactive compensation system with infinite resolution.

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