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Schneider Electric автоматични прекъсвач Acti9 iC40 до 40 А

Schneider Electric автоматични прекъсвач Acti9 iC40 до 40 А

Автоматични прекъсвачи до 40 А

Модулна система за крайно разпределение, лесна и бърза инсталация от Schneider Electric.

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•  The new Acti9 iC40 system is fully-fledged member of the Acti9 Family and offers multiple benefits for those who design, build, operate and maintain electrical panels for final distribution. Redefine standards of Efficiency, Visibility, Connectivity with the new Acti9 iC40 system

•  Acti9 iC40 is an extensive range of DIN rail mounted, phase-neutral miniature circuit breakers, specifically designed to connect  every type of protection device under the same comb busbar, no matter the number of poles

•  The new system offers exclusive features to provide absolute protection to circuits against short-circuit currents and overload currents in your electrical installation. Suitable for isolation in compliance with IEC/EN 60898-1 and/or IEC/EN 60947-2

•  Available in 1P+N, 3P and 3P+N for circuits up to 40 ABreaking capacity at 4500 A, 6000 A and 10 000 A

•  Wide range of tripping curves available: B, C and D

•  Class 2 insulation for optimal protection of operators and unqualified persons

•  Wide range of operating temperatures: - 25 / + 70°C

•  Sharing same key features with Acti9 iC60 in regards to aesthetics, form-factor, range of auxiliaries

•  VisiTrip offers a visible fault indicator for fast and optimized on-site servicing

•  VisiSafe offers a visible green strip with reinforced insulation for maintenance in better safety conditions

•  Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable and recoverable materials


  • Ползи

•  Maintain and upgrade easily your final distribution panels that have been perfectly designed and built

•  Perfectly match of the layout of the electrical diagram. Enhanced reliability and simplification of cabling

•  Simplication of Installation and speed, space saving as well as ease of maintenance and upgrading

•  Combined reliability, protection and ease of use for new and retrofit electrical installations

•  Option to add auxiliaries for remote monitoring and control

•  Option to add residual current device (Vigi) for earth leakage protection


  • Приложения

Acti9 iC40 system is dedicated to the small, medium and large buildings applications. Low-voltage final distribution installation.


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