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Schneider Electric Additional Management Cards and Options

Schneider Electric Additional Management Cards and Options

UPS Management

Interface expanders and other options for increased UPS monitoring and control functionality

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  • Choose from a range of additional UPS management devices to enhance the management capabilities of your APC Smart-UPS or Symmetra UPS.

SmartSlot Cards use the internal UPS accessory slot to enhance the performance of your UPS. Monitor or control third-party devices via a dry-contact interface with the Relay I/O card. This SmartSlot card allows you to turn on and off other devices or receive notifications for equipment located close to your UPS. For safe system shutdown of multiple servers powered by and connected serially to a single UPS, choose an interface expander. Please see below for the range of various options providing additional management capabilities for your UPS.


  • Manageability:

• Graceful System Shutdown, Shutdown and Reboot Parameters - Immediate, graceful shutdown/restart of servers

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