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Schneider Electric APC Back-UPS SX3

Schneider Electric APC Back-UPS SX3

Computer and Peripheral

Schneider Electric battery backup and surge protection for sensitive electronics in harsh power environments.

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  • Stay connected during storms and outages by powering your PC, network and other critical devices with the Schneider Electric Back-UPS SX3 family.

Power outages can damage your expensive electronics, erase valuable data stored on a PC, and eliminate the ability to communicate with the outside world. When the power goes out, SX3 models instantly switch your devices to clean battery power. The SX3 family is specifically designed to provide quality battery backup and surge protection to electronics in harsh power conditions. By protecting electronics during outages, the Back-UPS SX3 family maximizes your productivity and availability when the power is out.


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Back-UPSSX3 at a glance:

• Power your PC and critical devices during outages
• Safeguard electronics against damaging surges, spikes and lightning
• Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) instantly adjusts poor power to healthy levels, protecting your electronics from damage and saving battery power for use during an outage
• Rugged, long lasting power protection for use in harsh power environments
• Quickly understand unit and power status through visual and audible indicators


  • By backing up your PC and other critical electronics with the Back-UPS SX3 family, you reduce your repair costs, gain peace of mind that your data will be safe through any power disruption, and maintain work and personal productivity

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