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BE-W PERSONAL-RFID MODE  е идеален за стенна инсталация на полу-публични места: ресторанти, хотели, платени паркинги и др. LCD дисплея позволява следене на консумацията или идентификацията на потребителя. Може да бъде свързан като допълнително устройство"Slave" в мрежа управлявана от зарядна станция"Master" от Scame.

  • The BE-W Wall Box is available in 4 versions:

• Basic/Free for areas closed to the public,
• Personal/RFID for controlled access,
• Web/Net for management via smartphone or use in closed networks,
• Power Management for charging based on domestic loads.

All Scame BE-W Wall Boxes are equipped with Child Safety Shutter protections to guarantee maximum safety and are available in versions 3.7 - 7.4 - 11 - 22 kW.

• The PERSONAL-RFID version of the WALL BOX, compliant with «MODE 3» of the international standard IEC/EN 61851-1, is a charging station suitable for wall-mounted installation in public or private locations with public access. It is ideal for installation in private settings open to the public, for example: the car parks of apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, company car parks, private car parks and in general all places requiring controlled access, insofar as use is not normally limited to the owners themselves of the means, but rather to a greater number of users.
• The BE-W Wall Box in PERSONAL-RFID mode is supplied standard with an LCD Display, offering the possibility to monitor both instantaneous and total consumption, and for user identification and authorisation using an RFID card. It is available in different versions: «tethered», that is with incorporated cable, with or without on-board protections, with energy meter, with type 2 socket or type 3A socket, with DC leakage device.

Personal/RFID stations are designed to allow access by multiple users through the management of various identification cards, which are in turn managed by a dedicated programmer.


Rated current: 16 A / 32 A 
Rated voltage:     230 V AC / 400 V AC 
Frequency: 50-60 Hz 
Insulation voltage: 250 V / 500 V 

Protection degree:
Active parts protection: IPXXD 
Operating ambient temperature: -25°C +40°C 
Material: Technopolymer
Glow Wire test: 650°C 
IK grade at 20°C: IK08 
Colour: Grey 
Installation: Wall-mounted
Saline solution: Resistant 
UV rays: Resistant


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