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Стенни зареждащи станции

Стенни зареждащи станции, подходящи за лична и публична употреба от Scame. Може да бъде контролирана чрез смартфон.

  • The BE-W Wall Box is available in 4 versions:

- Basic/Free for areas closed to the public,
- Personal/RFID for controlled access,
- Web/Net for management via smartphone or use in closed networks,
- Power Management for charging based on domestic loads.


The WEB-NET version of the WALL BOX, compliant with «MODE 3» of the international standard IEC/EN 61851-1, is a charging station suitable for wall-mounted installation in both public and private locations. This version is particularly suited also for domestic applications insofar as the WiFi versions allows Wall Box transactions to be controlled via smartphone. For users, thanks to the web app interface, charging operations can be managed via smartphone.
The device works within a 10m range without the need for any ancillary equipment, but that’s not all, in domestic applications, the Wall Box can be connected to the home WiFi network, allowing control via smartphone throughout the entire WiFi area. Net-WEB versions are enabled for a «MASTER» function to manage systems composed of multiple stations. Access to the station can in fact be limited only to users enabled by the identification and authorisation system, which may be managed either locally or by remote through LAN and/or WiFi connections. WEB-NET versions can also manage «LOAD BALANCING» functions, distributing the available energy based on the cars connected to the various charging stations forming part of the network.


Rated current: 16 A / 32 A 
Rated voltage:     230 V AC  
Frequency: 50-60 Hz 
Insulation voltage: 250 V / 500 V 

Protection degree:
Active parts protection: IPXXD 
Operating ambient temperature: -25°C +40°C 
Material: Technopolymer
Glow Wire test: 650°C 
IK grade at 20°C: IK08 
Colour: Grey 
Installation: Wall-mounted
Saline solution: Resistant 
UV rays: Resistant

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