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Бутални помпи за масла и греси

Бутални помпи за масла и греси

Feed your material clean and reliably with DOPAG

DOPAG has developed a special range of drum pumps for the processing of lubricants. 

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The lubriLine pump range features double-acting ball valve and piston pumps that deliver greases and oils of consistency class NLGI 0 - 3. Material is fed directly from original containers. LubriLine grease pumps are an ideal option either as central material supply systems or as single feed stations. While their modularity, robustness and low maintenance requirements make them a valuable addition to any dispening set up, they are also highly economical, leaving only minimum amounts of material residue in the container.


  • Features

•  Supply of low to medium viscosity materials
•  Flow rate up to 1.2 litres/minute at 40 double strokes
•  Pressure ratio up to 30:1
•  Compatible with lubricants of NLGI class 0 - 3
•  Differential piston pumps with fast-switching air motors
•  1- or 2-hand operation
•  Modular design with configurable components


  • Pump Configuration with the DOPAG ID Generator

Our ID Generator allows you to configure your pump in a single step and create its identification code instantly. Using the code, you can order your new pump directly or request a quotation.


  • Tandem Pumps

All DOPAG pumps are available in a tandem version. Featuring an automatic mechanism that switches between the pumps, container change with these pumps doesn't interrupt the production process.


  • Technical Specifications
Basic versions P30-LL P80-LL P200-LL
Tandem- / double drum pump X X X
Pump with stand - - -
One hand control X X X
Two hand control X X X
Pressure ratio (drive) 10:1/30:1 10:1/30:1 10:1/30:1
Flow rate (with 40 double strokes) l/min 1.2 1.2 1.2
Material viscosity (ball valve pump/ chop check pump) NLGI 0-3 0-2/0-3 0-2/0-3
Working pressure (drive 10:1 / 30:1) bar 10-60/30-180 10-60/30-180 10-60/30-180
Air consumption at 40 double strokes (drive 10:1 / 30:1) l/min 110/270 110/270 110/270
Dimension baseplate (A x B) mm 600x550 600x550 900x600
Height retracted (C) (1H- / 2H-control) mm 997 1170/1220 1440/1480
Height extended (C) mm 1481 1900 2450
Weight without container (1H- / 2H-control) kg 71/84 82/89 138/151
Maximum container height mm 480 750 880
Maximum container size l 30 80 200
Maximum container-Ø outside mm 435 435 575


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