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Schneider Electric Canalis KT

Schneider Electric Canalis KT

Busbar trunking system for power distribution up to 6300A

Prefabricated busbar trunking for high power distribution from 800A to 6300A

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Canalis KT is designed for high power transport and distribution from 800A to 6300A. Its high degree of protection (IP55) protects it against water projections, sprinklers and dust. Its compact design and robustness (IK08) mean it can be used in industrial applications, shopping centres, tertiary buildings and infrastructures.

Technical characteristics:

  • Busbar trunking rated current:
    • 800 to 5000A, aluminium conductors
    • 1000 to 6300A, copper conductors
  • Tap-off units rated current: 25 to 1250A
  • Number of active conductors: 3L+PE, 3L+N+PE, 3L+N+PER (PER = reinforced PE)
  • Protection index: IP55, IPxxD, sprinkler resistant
  • Insulation type: Polyester class B (130°C withstand) halogen free
  • Length of busbar trunking sections: 4m and 2m or made to order 0.5m to 3m
  • Dimensions: 140 x 74 mm to 140 x 622 mm
  • Surface treatment: RAL 9001 prelacquered sheet steel
  • Regulations: compliant with IEC 61439-1 & 6


  • Modular and upgradeable system
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Safety:
    • A fool-proofed system avoids a unit being installed or removed under load
    • Live parts are totally inaccessible
  • Tap-off units fully compatible with Canalis KS
  • Excellent contacts: a life time guarantee
  • Halogen free: not emission of any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
  • High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings
  • Dismantled, re-used and entirely recyclable


  • Industrial buildings: industrial sites, workshops, farm buildings, logistic centres, etc.
  • Commercial/Tertiary buildings: shopping malls, hyper/supermarkets, hotels, elderly people's homes, technical schools, sports rooms
  • Critical buildings: data centres, hospitals
  • Marine: cruise liners 

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