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Basic unit to metering unit

To have a compact overall system

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  • Product information "Basic unit to metering unit"

The metering system is a combination of a flow regulation valve, gear flow meter and outlet valve regulated by a control unit and is used for precise metering of oils, greases, silicone or PU systems. The advantage of a metering unit is to have a compact overall system for precise continuous applications of low to high viscosity media. The discharged material quantity is detected by the gear flow meter and is controlled by a control unit, which allows to parameterize all application possibilities that can be carried out.

For wall assembly, DOPAG provides a space-saving control cabinet incl. metering computer. To allow for even better mobility, a portable table version is also available in our portfolio. The material can be supplied to the metering system using material pressure vessels, pumps or a closed circular pipeline. Depending on the material supply, a material pressure reducing valve can be installed upstream the metering unit.


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