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Eaton 5S UPS

Eaton 5S UPS

Computer and Peripheral

Eaton 5S UPS. 550/ 700/ 1000/ 1500 VA.

  • Performance:

• The Eaton 5S UPS provides effective power protection, even in disturbed electrical environments. Voltage fluctuations are automatically corrected using an AVR device (booster/fader), without needing the batteries.
• The 5S not only provides a supply with battery backup to keep equipment operating during power cuts, but also provides effective protection against damaging surges.


  • Reliability:

• The 5S protects networked equipment from “back door” power surges coming through Ethernet, internet or telephone lines
• The 5S’s periodic automatic battery testing ensures early detection if a battery needs to be replaced
• The easy-to-replace battery helps to extend the UPS service life


  • Versatility:

• The 5S can be installed vertically over or under a desk, or horizontally under a screen. Its compact, slim line form factor even allows it to be easily integrated into environments with space constraints.
• The 5S features an HID-compliant USB port, for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac OS/Linux). The 5S is also compatible with Eaton UPS Companion power management software.
• All models come bundled with a USB cable and two IEC-IEC load cables.


  • Приложения:

• Workstations
• Business Telephony
• Network devices
• Point-of-sale equipment

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