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Eaton 91PS and Eaton 93PS UPS

Eaton 91PS and Eaton 93PS UPS

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Eaton )

Eaton 91PS - 8-30kW (single/three phase in & single phase out) and Eaton 93PS - 8-40kW (three phase in & three phase out) UPS

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The most advanced UPSs in their power range, the Eaton 91PS and 93PS are ideal for small data centers and other mission – critical applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential.  The rapid adoption of the cloud, constant evolution of IT technologies, increased focus on environmental footprint and sophistication of mission - critical applications are demanding even more efficient, resilient, scalable and safe power protection solutions. The new levels of efficiency and scalability offered by the Eaton 91PS and 93PS minimize Total Cost of Ownership while the safety and resiliency, both in infrastructure and IT layers, maximize availability and ensure business continuity.


  • Ползи


• Above 96% efficiency in double conversion mode 
• Up to 99% efficiency with Energy Saver System


  • Scalability: 

• Scalable architecture and ‘Pay as you grow’ capability to minimise Capital Expenditure
• Paralleling of up to 4 units


  • Inherent redundancy:  

• Modular design allows internal redundancy


  • Smallest footprint in the market


  • Hot Swap and Hot Scalable


  • Приложения:

• Eaton 91PS and 93PS are easy to deploy in various applications from Data Centers to infrastructure and rail to healthcare equipment and process automation

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