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Eaton 93PM G2 UPS

Eaton 93PM G2 UPS

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Eaton )

The Eaton 93PM G2 UPS combines protection, security and business continuity in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective modular and scalable design. With the highest possible availability and the lowest total cost of ownership in its class, the second generation three-phase 93PM UPS is the perfect solution for colocation data centre operators and organisations looking to increase capacity and power protection in line with business demand.

  • EATON 93PM G2 UPS 50 – 360 KVA

•  Frame: 200, 240, 300, 360 kVA 
•  Power range: 50 – 360 kVA
•  Voltage: 380, 400, 415 V
•  Topology: online
•  Efficiency: up to 97% (online)
•  Battery type VRLA, lithium-ion, supercapacitor
•  Structure: Hot-swap modular, scalable UPS
•  Number of power modules:  1 – 6

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