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Eaton 93PS Marine

Eaton 93PS Marine

UPS for Special Applications

8-40 kW

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Protect what most matters to you and your business: your crew, cargo/payload and company reputation. Eaton 93PS Marine UPS is designed to do all this, an insurance keeping your business running in demanding marine environment. Eaton designed the 93PS Marine UPS to be the easiest to deploy, effortless to maintain and the most economical UPS to operate.


  • Ease of deployment: 

• Spacious power cabling area at the bottom of the unit

• Factory installed and tested internal transformers reduce footprint and cabling at site by 50%

• Best in class footprint and power density for easier floor planning and space saving

• Possibility to design inherently redundant systems in one frame

• Back feed protection and bypass fuses included by default for easier planning and secured safety

• Ships with any classification society certificate as requested

• Engineering package to help planning in 3D or 2D environment

• Pre- and after-sales support assisting you from quoting to decommissioning


  • Ease of maintenance:  

• Hot Swap power modules means typical MTTR=0h

• Training + pre-defined spare part kits for basic UPS service

• Fully front serviceable

• Mini Slot extension cards for remote monitoring and management

• No replacement of DC caps during the product design life

• Easy Capacity Test to do full load test without the need for load bank

• Eaton Advanced Battery Management (ABM) maximizes the battery life while providing automatic diagnostics of battery health

• Worldwide coverage of Eaton service at your service 24/7


  • Economical to operate: 

• Minimal losses and associated costs due to market leading efficiency reaching above 96%

• Cuts down operational costs by up to 50% compared to a legacy UPS

• Saves up to 650 barrels of marine diesel per UPS

• Flat efficiency curve means high efficiency regardless of the load level

• Compatibility with VRLA, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion or super capacitors allows for choosing the optimal energy or power reserve for your application


  • Приложения:

• Navigation 
• Communication 
• Automation and monitoring systems
• Auxiliary power systems
• Safety systems
• Distributed UPS systems
• Peak shaving

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