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Eaton 9PHD Industrial UPS(30-200 kW)

Eaton 9PHD Industrial UPS(30-200 kW)

Industrial UPS

Eaton 9PHD Industrial UPS 30–200 kW.

Strong and smart power protection for demanding industrial environments. Eaton 9PHD is built for harsh environmental conditions and ensures reliability, safety and cost efficiency for any industrial application.


  • Strong design for demanding industrial environments:

• Protection against dirt, dust, water and moist with cover 
• Options from IP23 to IP54
• Conformally coated PCB boards
• Strong cabinet for vibration and seismic environments
• 1.5mm cover plates for robust use


  • Smart technology for maximizing reliability:

• Touch screen display for easier operation
• Modular design allows building fault tolerant N+1 units
• Redundant monitored cooling fans in each power module
• Battery start feature
• Eaton’s unique Hot Sync wireless paralleling for building n+1 
• Systems with several UPS units


  • Smart technology for minimizing operating cost:

• The 9PHD UPS sets new standards, with an operating efficiency level up to 97% in double conversion mode
• >99% superior efficiency is delivered in Energy Saver System mode (ESS)
• Power factor 1 increases unit power by 10-20% compared to average UPS


  • Easy deployment for optimizing installation costs:

• Front access for installation and service
• Lifting lugs for easier unit handling during installation
• Suitable for 3-wire and 4-wire networks and voltage range of 380 V-480 V without transformers
• Small footprint due compact power electronics and internal transformer options
• Cabinet supports use of halogen free cables, double cables or large cables for installation


  • Safe installation and operation:

• Unit has halogen free cables
• Connectors in battery strings to increase safety during battery replacement
• Battery breaker inside battery cabinet isolated from hydrogen gases
• Internal maintenance bypass switch and rectifier input switch up to 150 kW


  • Приложения:

• Industrial Process Control
• Industrial Applications

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